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Our Products

Our Products

Look no further, get the best wig care, hair care and tools on the market using our Lace Paste products and tools.

Achieve your favorite looks from the comfort of your home! Wig Kits, Products and Hair Tools!

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Lace Paste Balayage Board

Balayage Board & Brush Kit


Balayage Combo Kit

toning shampoo and conditioner set

Brass Be Gone Bundle

$44.99   $40.00
makeup brushes

Edge Create Detailer Hairline Brush

makeup brushes

Flawless Lace Blending Brush


Glueless Install Wig Kit

$299.87   $259.99
glueless wig spray

Go Glueless Wig Adhesive Spray

heat protectant hair spray

Heat Shield Protectant Spray


Iconic Styling Kit

$159.95   $151.99
knot bleaching sheets

Knot Bleacher Bleaching Sheets


Knot Bleacher Brush


Knot Bleacher Sheets + Toning Kit


Knot Bleaching Kit

$89.99   $79.99
makeup brushes

Lace Conceal Brush

lace band

Lace Melt Band

wig gift cards

Lace Paste Beauty Club Gift Card

From  $25.00

Lace Paste Teasing Comb


Lace Paste Tube Key

lace paste mini wig kit

Mini Wig Basic Kit

$104.95   $99.99

Perfect Lift Hair Coloring Sheets - Long Sheets


Perfect Lift Hair Coloring Sheets - Short Sheets


Perfect Lift So Blonde Hair Lightening Powder

$28.00   $24.00
Knot Bleacher Mixing Set

Pro Bleaching Kit


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