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The Starter Kit

The "Starter Kit" is our elite kit for beginners and for the experienced individuals. This beginner kit, is a go to kit that is used for everyday use.

Whats included inside this kit and How To Use This Kit
1. So Blonde Toning Shampoo - Tone your knots and brassy tones
2. So Blonde Toning Conditioner- Condition and Tone knots and brassy tones
3. Serum - Add shine back in the hair after washing (best to apply while hair is damp)
4. Heat Shield Thermal Spray- Apply to hair once it's dry.
5. Sleek It Wax Stick - Use wax stick and lay down part and curl hair.
6. Stand Out Standing Spray - Once hair is curled, comb out curls using styling spray.
7. Glueless Wig Adhesive Spray - Use to apply wig and can be used daily.
8. Lace Melt Band - Use melt band to melt lace and you are done!

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