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Liquid Supreme Extreme Hold

Unveil the wonders of a seamless lace application with the Lace Paste Liquid Supreme. Experience the magic of instantly melting your lace and savor the fast-drying formula for a truly hassle-free and extraordinary lace application.

The go-to lace adhesive for a flawless, no-glue-needed application. Instantly melt your lace and enjoy a fast-drying formula for a hassle-free experience.

     Why Choose LIQUID SUPREME?

  • Impeccable Results: Say goodbye to imperfections with our go-to lace adhesive, meticulously designed for a flawless, no-glue-needed application.
  • Instant Melt Technology: Be astonished by the instantaneous melting action, achieving a stunning blend that looks completely natural.
  • Worry-Free Hold: Enjoy a long-lasting hold without any worries of unsightly white residue ruining your look.
  • Extreme Hold Assurance: Feel confident in every movement as LaceSolve MeltAway secures your lace with an extreme and reliable grip.
  • Fast Dry Wonder: The fast-drying formula ensures you're out the door with your head held high in no time.

    Application Made Easy

1. Clean hairline and remove any residue or dirt around hairline.

2. Next apply 1-2 thin layer of lace liquid supreme along hairline.

3. Wait until liquid becomes tacky or dry with warm dryer until completely tacky.

4. Then proceed to lay lace, starting with the center and then apply the corners.

5. Cut off the excess lace and be sure to melt any areas not melted using your Go Glueless Wig Adhesive Spray.

Lace PASTE LIQUID SUPREME 6.8 oz - Say goodbye to worries about your lace lifting or shifting!

  • No white residue
  • Long lasting hold
  • Extreme Hold
  • Fast dry

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