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Pro Bleaching Kit

This is the perfect kit for bleaching your knots!

Kit Includes:
Pro Coloring Bowl
Hair Coloring Mixer
Knot Bleaching Brush

Make sure that your ONLY using this bowl for hair lightening procedures and not hair dyeing, like black and any other dark hair color for instance. 

  • easy grip handle
  • durable materials
  • very easy to clean

Pro Tip:
It's best to use this bowl mainly for Bleaching Knots, Highlighting, Ombre and Balayage. I strongly advise this because if you're using the same bowl to dye hair jet black and lightening as well... Although you may wash the bowl out, sometimes the bowl may still not be washed out properly and you will end up getting black dye on the lace or in your lightening mixture. 

So to avoid this, its best using a separate bowl strictly for hair dyeing dark colors, like Black, Dark Brown, Burgundy and etc. Try our sister bowls for dyeing hair dark colors and etc.

Lastly, make sure your using your Lace Paste Knot Bleacher Sheets when bleaching your knots for a better lift without over processing your knots.


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