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Lace Melt Band

lace band
lp lace melt band

Instantly lay or melt your lace wig, using our LACE PASTE Lace Melt Band.

Ensure your lace is seamlessly melted, giving the most natural look.


Before using your Lace Melt Band, it’s best to lay your lace first, next apply your lace band, then proceed to curling and styling your wig.


  1. Place wig on head
  2. Either Gel, Glue or Lace Melt Spray your wig down 
  3. Place Lace Band on the edges of the lace (be sure that the band isn’t to tight and sits right on the lace and your forehead).
  4. The band can be nap at either the front or the back of your head.
  5. Proceed to curling and styling your wig. Leave your band on for 5-10 mins to properly melt the lace (the longer you leave the band on, the better the lace will melt).
lace band
lp lace melt band

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