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The Perfect Lift Combo (20 vol)


2-3 week wait time

Unlock the Magic of the No-Knot Bundle:

  1. Perfect Lift Volume Developer: Elevate your wig game with the Perfect Lift Volume Developer. It's the starting point for creating a scalp illusion where knots seamlessly vanish into your skin.

  2. Perfect Lift Hair Lightening Powder: Crafted for delicate knot bleaching, our Perfect Lift Hair Lightening Powder maintains your wig's integrity, bringing you closer to the authentic scalp illusion.

  3. So Blonde Toning Shampoo: Enhance your wig's realism with our So Blonde Toning Shampoo. It neutralizes unwanted tones, adding to the natural appeal of your wig's scalp-like finish.

  4. So Blonde Toning Conditioner: The finishing touch – our So Blonde Toning Conditioner ensures your wig is beautifully toned and irresistibly soft. 

The No-Knot Bundle is your invitation to transform your wig experience into a work of art. Reveal the beauty of intricate details and capture the essence of a scalp-like illusion that's second to none. Elevate every moment, embrace every gaze, and showcase the true masterpiece that is you.

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